Different Sizes Handpieces

Four different sizes handpieces optional, easily treatment for whole body


Save Treatment Time

Four handpieces working simultaneous, save staff cost, save treatment time

Latest Technology

Unique double chin treatment handpiece, lead the latest technology in the world


Strong Cooling

Super strong cooling system ensure the minimum treatment temperature reduce to -15 C

Zero Risk

Non-surgery, no risk, easily entelligentize and humanization operation


Zero Down Time

No need recovery, no downtime , come back to work immediate




MedArt Technology  introduces Ultimate TM E-light that based on a synergy between IPL and Radio Frequency RF.

UltimateTM Advantages and Features
With 1-10HZ adjustable frequency, the treatment can be done slow or fast. Higher frequencies accelerate the treatment speed and shorten a lot the treatment time.
2000 W power supply.
The IPL multifunctional hand piece can do other treatments, with 5 different filters for different treatment types.
Ultimate can rapidly treat large areas without the limitations that come with traditional lasers, and the use of RF can dramatically reduce the used energy and reach deeper layers.

Know More About Us

Optimal Wavelengths for different kind of Procedures and patient customized treatments
5 different filters are available for different treatment options an applications:

During hair removal sessions, IPL is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair during the growth stage, and is then conducted down toward the hair root. This light destroys the follicle of the hair preventing future growth, without any side effect.