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It results in hair removal, treatment of acne, removal of pigmentation, treatment of vascular and rejuvenation of skin.

E-light that is based on a synergy between IPL and Radio Frequency RF.
It can rapidly treat large areas without the limitations that come with traditional lasers, & the use of RF can dramatically reduce the used energy and reach deeper layers.
E-light is used for both skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. E-Light combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar RF + IPL + Skin Contact Cooling. Uncomfortable feeling during the IPL treatment will be decreased significantly and better results can be expected with the cooling system involved in E-light. Treatments are efficient in persons with any skin type, but who are not sun-tanned at the time of treatment.
E-light has been clinically proven to accelerate the healing process for acne, long-term removal of many types of pigmented lesions in the upper layer of the skin and quickly removing those thin, spidery veins (technically called telangiectasias) from your face or legs and also reduces enlarged pores. It Promotes collagen to grow and strengthen elasticity of the skin. It is improves skin pigments, corrects skin hyperpigmentation, rosacea, age spots and the appearance of sun damage.
Treatments required are dependant on many factors, Gender, age, ethnic origin, diet, weight, hormones and metabolism are individual factors that have an impact on the result.