Frequently asked questions

What is E Light?

E light combines IPL technology with Bipolar Radio Frequency for improved results in a number of aesthetic treatments.

What are the advantages of E Light?

E light has all the main advantages of light and laser based devices:

  1. Higher total combined energy can be delivered without the risk of epidermal damage
  2. Enhanced targeting of treatment areas
  3. Safer on darker skin types than IPL alone
  4. Ability to treat lighter hair

How does E light work?

Skin is pre-cooled by the device hand piece. A low pulse of light energy is delivered which has been chosen based on individual patient parameters. The light warms, but does not destroy the target. The bipolar RF current is delivered whilst the light is pulsing.

Which areas can be treated?

Body hair can be removed on any part of the body. A test patch is required before treatment to check the best settings.

How does the treatment feel like?

Treatment with E light laser is practically, as opposed to treatment with the conventional IPL devices. A slight pinging like an elastic band can be felt. On areas with dense hair growth, warmth from the light impulses is evoked and the light impulses may be felt to a much lesser extent than with laser on IPL.

How many treatments are necessary?

Until now hair had to be treated during the growing phase (20%-30%). In the telogen phase but can still  successfully be treated with the E light system. Since growth cycles vary, approx. 8-8 treatments are usual.

How long should the intervals between treatments be?

The hair growth cycle and the interval between treatments depends on which areas being treated. 4 weeks intervals for face & underarms. 6-8 weeks for legs & bikini line.

How long is a treatment?

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the time varies from 10 minutes for a facial treatment and about 1 hour for full legs.